Rolkem Edible Dust and Gel

Rolkem Lumo Neon Comet Blue Edible Dust

Party Train Cake Supplies

$ 7.29
Rolkem Lumo Neon Comet Blue Edible Dust

Edible Rolkem Lumo Neon Comet Blue 10 ml

Will Glow Under Black Light 

Approved Food Colouring

Non-Toxic, Edible, Dusting Powder

Mix with alcohol or Rolkem Quick Dry to paint on Chocolate. Dries in Minutes  

Use this product to dust over sugar craft articles  

This product mixes well with Fondant, Modeling Icing, Royal Icing, Butter Icing, Cocoa Butter. 

Can be mixed directly into Chocolate in its powder form without diluting it first  

It can be dry brushed onto any edible product including chocolate.

Can be used on Fondant, Gum Paste, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Cakepops, etc.


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